Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Doll Food: Brownies!

     You can make your own yummy doll-sized treats right at home! These brownies turned out very realistic, and they are easy to make.
     You will need:
- a thin, light colored sponge
- a ruler
- scissors
- a paintbrush
- dark brown paint
- brown metallic fabric paint

     I bought this package of three yellow sponges at dollar tree. You should not get sponges with a scrubby side ( I'm not sure what it's called ).

     Measure and cut out as many one inch squares as possible from the sponge. Next, paint them dark brown. You will need to poke your paintbrush into the those tiny craters to color them, too. Paint all over the sponge except for one big side. Then, let the paint dry for about ten minutes.

     Turn over the sponge squares, and squeeze fabric paint on the blank side. Use the tip of the paint tube to spread it evenly. The fabric paint will need to dry for several hours or overnight. This makes them realistic because the tops of real brownies are always different from the inside.

     Once the brownies are dry, they are ready for your doll(s) to enjoy! One sponge makes plenty to be shared with a friend!

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  1. Those look sooo realistic! I will definitely try that soon!