Saturday, August 30, 2014

Be-YOU-tiful Award!

     I was nominated for the Be-YOU-tiful award by American Girl Place.

     Here's how it works:
- take or draw a picture that represents at least seven things about you
- answer the questions from the person who nominated you
- make up ten questions of your own
- nominate someone!

1. I chose to take a picture because I don't really like to draw much.

2. My doll, Nicole (in the front), looks the most the me.

3. She is wearing an outfit I made because I love to sew!

4. She is playing a violin because I play violin!

5. Hannah is in the back doing an... interesting dance because I'm not very good at dancing.

6. Her hair is a mess, well, because it has been in a fishtail braided ponytail for many weeks. I left it that way because my hair is a frizzy mess when I take it down.

7. There are Apples to Apples cards all over the floor because that is my favorite game!


1. Isabelle or Lanie?
I like Lanie because she is outdoorsy like me!

2. Sew your own doll clothes or buy them?
I do both!

3. Bitty Twins or Bitty Babies?
Bitty twins! I like that you get two, and I like that they have hair!

4. Bright pink or bright blue?
Blue is my favorite color!

5. Puppies or kittens?
I love kittens!

6. What doll do you want next?
I highly doubt that I will be getting any more dolls, but I would want Rebecca.

7. Curly hair or straight hair?
I have straight hair, but I like both.

8. Lakes or pools?
I prefer to swim in a pool.

9. Fall or spring?
Fall! I love the weather and going to the pumpkin patch!

10. Brushes or combs?
Combs barely even get through my hair, so I like combs better.

Now... my own questions!
1. Juice or soda?
2. Athletics or music/fine arts?
3. Light colors or dark colors?
4. Favorite American Girl doll?
5. Fruits or veggies?
6. Skirts/dresses or jeans/shorts?
7. Outside or inside?
8. What is your favorite school subject?
9. Hoodies or jackets?
10. Soup or salad?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Make A Doll Journal!

     This is the perfect craft for back-to-school or just for your dolls to document their day!

     You will need:
- 2 pieces of white copy paper
- a white index card
- washi tape
- ruler
- scissors
- pencil
- hot glue gun and glue

   Fold a piece of paper in three sections longways, and cut into strips.

   Then, stack them together evenly. Measure and make a mark every two inches, then cut them at the marks. You should have a bunch of doll-sized pages.
     Repeat the previous steps on the second piece of paper.

     Measure and make two marks in the center of the index card. They should be about half an inch apart.
Fold where the pencil marks are, making creases in the card. The blank side should be on the outside. This is your book cover.

    To decorate, cut strips of washi tape and cover the blank side. You can also decorate the inside, if you want to.
     Make sure all of the little pages are stacked evenly, and squeeze hot glue onto one long side, covering all the pages. Then, press into the inside spine of the book cover.
     Nicole can't wait to write in her new journal!

     What to write?





Saturday, August 23, 2014

American Girl at Sam's Club

     I have known for a while that Sam's Club carries a few American Girl pets, mini dolls, crafts, and books sometimes. I was there earlier, so I made sure to look! Sure enough, they were selling book sets that included a mini doll for only $22.45! American Girl products can be found in the book section of Sam's Club, in the children's books and toys part.
     They had a some Saiges and some Isabelles. Both of the mini dolls were so pretty! Sadly, I did not get any of my own pictures because my parents didn't let me take my phone in the store. **All photos used in this post are not my own, they can be found at ** Please excuse the blurriness.


   My parents were ready to check out, so I went to see the American Girl products very quickly. I caught the price and the characters, but I'm not sure if the mini books are included. My guess is that they do come with it. The books and mini dolls were all in one box, not like the separate products online at Barnes and Noble.
    I didn't buy anything, but I will be sure to put a book and mini doll set on my Christmas list! The holidays will be here before we know it!
     I really like the American Girl books, and it's great they they added a mini doll! I would love to read either Saige's or Isabelle's stories, but I think I would rather have the Saige mini doll.
   Mini Isabelle and books or mini Saige and books? Which would you choose?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Make a Charm Bracelet for Your Doll!

     This bracelet is a very cute way to collect your American Girl charms! Your doll can wear it, too! It's also very handy if you do not have a charm holder necklace.

     You will need:
- a thin charm bracelet chain (you should be able to bend the metal loops)
- charms

First, unbend and remove some of the metal loops from the chain.
When you are done, bend any open loops back in place to close them. Then, make sure to put on the pieces necessary to attach and detach the bracelet.

You may need to try putting it on your doll's wrist to see if it fits. When the chain fits your doll and doesn't fall off, it is short enough.

Now, you can add some charms to your bracelet! Unbend one of the loops as if you are removing it, but don't take it off! Instead, slide a charm on, moving the metal through the hole in the charm. Then, bend the metal back inplace to close it. You should only put one charm on each one.

Your bracelet is finished! You can add or remove charms any time you want to! I only have two charms from American Girl, so my bracelet it very empty! I'll add more if I get some!

Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Doll Food: Brownies!

     You can make your own yummy doll-sized treats right at home! These brownies turned out very realistic, and they are easy to make.
     You will need:
- a thin, light colored sponge
- a ruler
- scissors
- a paintbrush
- dark brown paint
- brown metallic fabric paint

     I bought this package of three yellow sponges at dollar tree. You should not get sponges with a scrubby side ( I'm not sure what it's called ).

     Measure and cut out as many one inch squares as possible from the sponge. Next, paint them dark brown. You will need to poke your paintbrush into the those tiny craters to color them, too. Paint all over the sponge except for one big side. Then, let the paint dry for about ten minutes.

     Turn over the sponge squares, and squeeze fabric paint on the blank side. Use the tip of the paint tube to spread it evenly. The fabric paint will need to dry for several hours or overnight. This makes them realistic because the tops of real brownies are always different from the inside.

     Once the brownies are dry, they are ready for your doll(s) to enjoy! One sponge makes plenty to be shared with a friend!