Friday, August 15, 2014

Make a Charm Bracelet for Your Doll!

     This bracelet is a very cute way to collect your American Girl charms! Your doll can wear it, too! It's also very handy if you do not have a charm holder necklace.

     You will need:
- a thin charm bracelet chain (you should be able to bend the metal loops)
- charms

First, unbend and remove some of the metal loops from the chain.
When you are done, bend any open loops back in place to close them. Then, make sure to put on the pieces necessary to attach and detach the bracelet.

You may need to try putting it on your doll's wrist to see if it fits. When the chain fits your doll and doesn't fall off, it is short enough.

Now, you can add some charms to your bracelet! Unbend one of the loops as if you are removing it, but don't take it off! Instead, slide a charm on, moving the metal through the hole in the charm. Then, bend the metal back inplace to close it. You should only put one charm on each one.

Your bracelet is finished! You can add or remove charms any time you want to! I only have two charms from American Girl, so my bracelet it very empty! I'll add more if I get some!

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  1. That is soooo adorable! I will have to try that sometime! ( if I ever get any charms! lol)