Monday, August 25, 2014

Make A Doll Journal!

     This is the perfect craft for back-to-school or just for your dolls to document their day!

     You will need:
- 2 pieces of white copy paper
- a white index card
- washi tape
- ruler
- scissors
- pencil
- hot glue gun and glue

   Fold a piece of paper in three sections longways, and cut into strips.

   Then, stack them together evenly. Measure and make a mark every two inches, then cut them at the marks. You should have a bunch of doll-sized pages.
     Repeat the previous steps on the second piece of paper.

     Measure and make two marks in the center of the index card. They should be about half an inch apart.
Fold where the pencil marks are, making creases in the card. The blank side should be on the outside. This is your book cover.

    To decorate, cut strips of washi tape and cover the blank side. You can also decorate the inside, if you want to.
     Make sure all of the little pages are stacked evenly, and squeeze hot glue onto one long side, covering all the pages. Then, press into the inside spine of the book cover.
     Nicole can't wait to write in her new journal!

     What to write?





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  1. Wow! That is a super cute idea! The notebook looks real! I love it soooo much!