Saturday, August 30, 2014

Be-YOU-tiful Award!

     I was nominated for the Be-YOU-tiful award by American Girl Place.

     Here's how it works:
- take or draw a picture that represents at least seven things about you
- answer the questions from the person who nominated you
- make up ten questions of your own
- nominate someone!

1. I chose to take a picture because I don't really like to draw much.

2. My doll, Nicole (in the front), looks the most the me.

3. She is wearing an outfit I made because I love to sew!

4. She is playing a violin because I play violin!

5. Hannah is in the back doing an... interesting dance because I'm not very good at dancing.

6. Her hair is a mess, well, because it has been in a fishtail braided ponytail for many weeks. I left it that way because my hair is a frizzy mess when I take it down.

7. There are Apples to Apples cards all over the floor because that is my favorite game!


1. Isabelle or Lanie?
I like Lanie because she is outdoorsy like me!

2. Sew your own doll clothes or buy them?
I do both!

3. Bitty Twins or Bitty Babies?
Bitty twins! I like that you get two, and I like that they have hair!

4. Bright pink or bright blue?
Blue is my favorite color!

5. Puppies or kittens?
I love kittens!

6. What doll do you want next?
I highly doubt that I will be getting any more dolls, but I would want Rebecca.

7. Curly hair or straight hair?
I have straight hair, but I like both.

8. Lakes or pools?
I prefer to swim in a pool.

9. Fall or spring?
Fall! I love the weather and going to the pumpkin patch!

10. Brushes or combs?
Combs barely even get through my hair, so I like combs better.

Now... my own questions!
1. Juice or soda?
2. Athletics or music/fine arts?
3. Light colors or dark colors?
4. Favorite American Girl doll?
5. Fruits or veggies?
6. Skirts/dresses or jeans/shorts?
7. Outside or inside?
8. What is your favorite school subject?
9. Hoodies or jackets?
10. Soup or salad?

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