Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY Doll Food: Cake Slices!

     Does your doll need something sweet to snack on? You can make her some delicious and fluffy cake!

  You will need:
- a thin sponge (preferably yellow)
- a tube of Puffy paint (or any other fabric paint) the color that you want your icing to be
- Scissors
- a cup or glass

     First, keep your cup in place on the sponge, and carefully cut around it.

     Then, cut your sponge in half, and cut each half into two pieces. Now, you should have for equal slices. It's okay if they're a little uneven!

     Squeeze and spread fabric paint on the tops of two pieces.

     Stack one piece on top of each, and spread some fabric pain onto the sides of the seam.

     Then, cover the top and the curved side with more fabric paint. Let it dry for a few hours before serving to dolls.

Also, I am going to post my first photostory on Friday! This cake will be in it! :)