Thursday, September 25, 2014

American Girl Magazine!

     Hello, there! Long time, no see! :) I recently subscribed to the American Girl magazines, and the first one came in yesterday. I ordered the special holiday package that comes with three books because... why not?
     There was a lot more than my pictures in the magazine, but I picked out a few neat things.
     Overall, I think it is great for younger or older girls. It's full of snack recipes, crafts, stories written by girls, good advice, quizzes (the fun kind!) and much more. I definitely think that the stories and advice, for the most part, can be relatable for all age groups.

     Here is a fall snack recipe that is is unfortunately titled, "Corn-y Concoction." At first glance, I thought, "gross!" I first imagined something like creamed corn and whipped cream. Thankfully, it turned out to be made of fruit.

     Later, there are some clever ideas for Halloween-themed candy bark. They look so clever and delicious!

 More snacks! I just might have to try some of these after school!
      One of my favorite parts was this amazing chalkboard poster. The cover of the magazine literally says, "Chalkboard Poster-Really Works!" When I tried it out, it was just like a real chalkboard! It's so much fun!

     There were two winners from a previous writing contest, and their stories were both published in the magazine. I really enjoyed reading them, and I liked the illustrations, too!

    The American Girl magazine is really great for all girls! I totally recommend it!


  1. That's really cool! I was subscribed to it for a year, a couple of years ago! :)

    1. That's cool! They're really fun to read! :)