Saturday, July 19, 2014

AG Review: Summer Pajamas

     Today, I received a package from American Girl! It was not supposed to come in until later next week so I was surprised. I bought the Summer Pajamas, or Saige's Pajamas, on sale for $18.

     Here is a photo of all pieces that came with this set. It includes a graphic long-sleeved shirt, geometric print shorts, a pair of slippers, and two terry hair ties. The left slipper had a very long tag sewn onto it, so I cut it down much shorter.

     All of the pieces are very easy to dress your doll in. The design on the shirt is very pretty and colorful. The shorts have a unique pattern, and the colors, orange, red, and a bit of purple, go great with the top. I expected them to be slightly bigger, but the are still adorable. I really like that the flip flops are a dark pink color because it adds even more color to these pajamas. The two hair ties are much stretchier than I expected, and I really like that this set includes two of them.

     I highly recommend these pajamas as they are soft, unique, and reasonably priced. They look great on my doll, Hannah, and I know they would look great on the other dolls!  This is only overstock from Saige's collection, so they will not be here long. Get them while you can! 

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  1. Those are soooo cute! I was going to buy stuff from the sale, but I haven't yet! Maybe I will soon!